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Embrace the spirit of the season with my exceptional Christmas lunch and dinner at Hunter & Barrel UAE. Indulge in the choice of three sumptuous roast meat options, as my team presents a gastronomic celebration of Christmas that encapsulates the finest traditions of festive dining. This is your quintessential Christmas dinner in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, redefined with sophistication.

Why Choose Hunter & Barrel This Christmas?

Authentic Christmas Ambiance

My restaurant transforms into a haven of festive charm, where refined décor and a warm ambience capture the spirit of Christmas. With tasteful embellishments and soft lighting, every corner exudes elegance, embodying the epitome Christmas experience.

Premium Quality Ingredients

My Christmas brunch, lunch and dinner menu is a testament to culinary excellence, featuring only the finest ingredients. Crafted to perfection, each dish promises a gourmet dining experience that elevates the traditional flavours of the season to new heights of indulgence.

A Tradition of Excellence

Hunter & Barrel UAE’s legacy of excellence shines brightest during festive occasions, where tradition meets innovation. With a rich history of providing exceptional dining experiences, my team continues to set the standard for celebrating special moments.

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Our Christmas Lunch & Dinner Menu

Grain Mustard Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb - 390

(Serves 4)

My grain mustard slow-cooked leg of lamb boasts tender, slow-cooked meat that is infused with a delightful grain mustard flavour. Accompanied by roasted sweet potatoes, a rich ratatouille stew, and a drizzling of fragrant rosemary sauce, this dish is a standout choice for your Christmas lunch or dinner.

Roasted Corn-Fed Whole Chicken - 260

(Serves 2)

Another option for your Christmas dinner or lunch is our roasted corn-fed whole chicken featuring succulent meat infused with a delightful blend of flavours achieved through expert roasting. Accompanied by braised vegetables, baby potatoes confit, and a delectable Dijon mustard sauce, this dish makes for a memorable feast.

Angus Beef Chateaubriand - 480

(Serves 2)

The Angus beef chateaubriand showcases a succulent roast that’s seared to perfection, encapsulating rich, beefy flavours. Served alongside vibrant broccolini, tender baby carrots, and herbed mashed potatoes, this dish is a standout on my Christmas menu, offering a range of delectable sauces to elevate your dining experience.

Book Your Christmas Celebration Today!

Make this Christmas extraordinary. Secure your table for a memorable Christmas lunch in Dubai or Abu Dhabi at Hunter & Barrel, available from 12-4 p.m. on Christmas day. Delight in exceptional roast meats, gourmet accompaniments, and festive ambience. Book now to create cherished moments and relish the finest flavours of the season.

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