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Christmas at Hunter&Barrel

Christmas At Hunter Vida Hills

Christmas is getting closer, which means it’s time to get festive and start planning your Christmas get together.

Hunter & Barrel Whiskey

Drink More Whiskey: 5 Reasons Why

If you’ve sipped a Hunter & Barrel Stag Fashioned, Hunting Sour or Barrel of Laughs, you won’t need convincing… but here are a few more reasons why the whisk(e)y movement is one we’re pioneering.

How to Fight Meat Sweats

Often laughed off as a myth or something Joey from Friends encountered after eating an entire Thanksgiving dinner, the ‘meat sweats’ are in reality backed by science.

Hunter & Barrel – UAE design team

Suppose you’ve managed to tear your eyes away from the delights you’re devouring at Hunter & Barrel UAE. In that case, we hope you were intrigued by our restaurant’s décor. Taking its cues from our Australian roots and the ancient hunter-gatherers’ rustic authenticity, we wanted our Dubai restaurant to stand out for its opulence with sumptuous textures steeping in and striking installations and furnishings.

Meat & Metabolism

It’s no secret we’re big fans of meat at Hunter & Barrel. In fact, it’s the reason we’ve quickly become well-known as the UAE’s best steak restaurant. Other than our exceptional USDA prime cuts tasting remarkable, it comes with significant nutritional and health benefits that we tuck them in at our table.

ORder Delivery

Emirates Hills, Dubai