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Christmas at Hunter&Barrel

Christmas At Hunter Vida Hills

Christmas is getting closer, which means it’s time to get festive and start planning your Christmas get together.


What’s so great about Dry-Aged Steak?

You won’t know unless you’ve tried it. Here’s why the latest trend in meat, dry-aged steak, is blowing minds at Hunter & Barrel UAE and beyond.

Hunter & Barrel Whiskey

Drink More Whiskey: 5 Reasons Why

If you’ve sipped a Hunter & Barrel Stag Fashioned, Hunting Sour or Barrel of Laughs, you won’t need convincing… but here are a few more reasons why the whisk(e)y movement is one we’re pioneering.


How to Fight Meat Sweats

Often laughed off as a myth or something Joey from Friends encountered after eating an entire Thanksgiving dinner, the ‘meat sweats’ are in reality backed by science.

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Hunter & Barrel – UAE design team

Suppose you’ve managed to tear your eyes away from the delights you’re devouring at Hunter & Barrel UAE. In that case, we hope you were intrigued by our restaurant’s décor. Taking its cues from our Australian roots and the ancient hunter-gatherers’ rustic authenticity, we wanted our Dubai restaurant to stand out for its opulence with sumptuous textures steeping in and striking installations and furnishings.

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ORder Delivery

Emirates Hills, Dubai