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Posted: 01/06/2023

The Hunter & Barrel customer has long-been savvy about their steak – hence the reason
they’re at our table! But now more than ever, our self-confessed food obsessed society wants to know the story behind the dishes they choose to indulge in. And we love to share it!

Here are the top 3 meat trends we’ve seen emerging in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi restaurant
scene, and the world, this year.

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The Small Farm Movement

With increased awareness on factory farming and the inhumane conditions that the mass
production of meat often involves, more and more of us want to make sure the meat we
consume is as ethical as possible.

“A current global trend is to purchase meat from small farmers who practice good animal
welfare principles, which includes the ethical, humane handling and slaughter of cattle,”
explains Hunter & Barrel’s Head of Culinary & Operations in the Middle East, Chef Kamil.

“We source our meat from small cattle farmers who adopt these principles,
which is always of exceptional quality, an added bonus for our restaurants and
increasingly conscious customers.”


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“Today’s client is very excited by variation, and therefore challenging farmers and chefs to produce and prepare new and different cuts of steak,” explains Chef Kamil. And to meet this rising demand for both the most exquisite and intriguing meat available, Hunter & Barrel
regularly seeks outs the latest in luxury, introducing both limited-time specials and mainstay dishes, based on availability.

Examples on our menu are the intricately marbled and ultra-tender Japanese Wagyu Ribeye
Cap and the chocolate-fed full-blood Mayura Station Wagyu Tomahawk.


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Of all the grains that could be selected as cattle-feed, barley is the most expensive. But we are seeing big results when farmers opt for this premium, energy and protein-packed cereal,
which seems to equate to superior marbling and tenderness in steak.

“These cattle are peacefully raised, fed a natural barley ration, free of hormones, and
tender-stretched,” says Chef Kamil. “All of these attributes contribute to the buttery-soft,
unique flavour of the meat, which has notes of sweetness.”


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