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Posted: 20/05/2023
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Hunter and Barrel details how we’ve created the best family friendly restaurant in Dubai.

Dubai is a culinary paradise featuring an eclectic array of dining establishments. Yet, nestled amidst the city’s rich tapestry, there’s one jewel that outshines the others when it comes to family restaurants in Dubai. Hunter & Barrel steak restaurant is where quality dining and family enjoyment harmoniously converge. We invite guests into a world that seamlessly combines an unpretentious and relaxed ambience with a dining experience that echoes gourmet sophistication. This balance ensures a comfortable space for families while still providing a dining experience that satisfies even the most refined palates.

The Premier Steak Restaurant Dubai

Hunter & Barrel’s aesthetic is a rich blend of contemporary finesse and rustic charm. Creating an environment that instantly puts its guests at ease. The interior, whilst spacious and inviting, maintains an intimate feel, making it the perfect setting for any family gathering. Whether it’s a low-key dinner or a full-blown family celebration.

The Ultimate Function Venue

If you’re looking to host a party or private event, you can view more information about our function options here. We have private dining rooms available and magnificent set menus for larger groups. If you have any special requests, our friendly staff is at your service, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure your celebration is all you dreamed of.

A Menu Catering For The Whole Family

A unique facet of Hunter & Barrel lies in the diversified menu, crafted with a consideration for all age groups and culinary preferences. Steak is certainly our specialty, and each piece comes from carefully sourced, top-tier cuts cooked over a custom-built, coal-fired grill. This produces a mouth-watering experience that satisfies the most discerning carnivores.

One of the most prized steak options is the rib-eye. A truly succulent cut famous for its rich, beefy flavour. At Hunter & Barrel there are two excellent rib-eye options: an Angus, grain fed for 250 days with a marble score of 2-4+, and a Wagyu, grain fed for 450 days with a marble score of 5-6+. These rib-eyes are heartily portioned at 350g and served with a choice of chunky chips or house salad. To fully experience the flavour and tenderness of the rib-eye, it’s best to have it cooked medium-rare. This allows the fat to render and flavour the meat to perfection.

For those seeking alternatives to steak, the menu is filled with a broad variety of dishes to cater to diverse tastes. Seafood aficionados, vegetarian gourmets, and lovers of classic comfort food will all find dishes crafted with equal dedication and skill. One favourite to look out for is the Char-grilled Prawns. This magical meal features the highest quality of garlic prawns that are char-grilled and served with broccolini, spinach, and wild rice.

Young Hunters Menu For Kids

Striving to stand above the most popular family friendly restaurants Dubai, Hunter & Barrel has created a special menu for children under 12. Boasting Penne Pomodoro, Grilled Chicken Tenderloins, Mini Cheeseburgers, and a sumptuous Mac & Cheese. This menu not only represents outstanding value, it also has even the fussiest of eaters covered. Each dish is a premium version of the foods kids love and served with thick cut chips or a green salad.

Unparalleled Commitment To Service

It’s not just the food that makes Hunter & Barrel the first choice when you’re looking for the best family restaurants in Dubai. The staff exude warm hospitality, making sure that all guests, regardless of age, feel genuinely cared for and welcomed. Our commitment to creating a family-friendly atmosphere, combined with our high culinary standards, makes Hunter & Barrel the go-to restaurant for families in Dubai.

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