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Posted: 30/10/2023
Raspberry Macaron

There are 11 desserts on the new Hunter & Barrel menu. Here’s why!

From traditional Middle Eastern sweets to freakshakes and chocolate towers, the UAE is a sweet tooth’s paradise. Desserts play a significant role in Emirati culture, often serving as symbols of warmth and hospitality. Guests are greeted with dates and Arabic coffee when they enter each other’s homes, and celebrations are always marked by the exchange of sweets and treats.

With our melting pot of cultures and exceptional culinary scene, there’s no cuisine you can’t tuck into in the Emirates, and this extends to desserts. From baklava and kunafa to the finest French pastries and Italian semifreddo, there’s a decadent dessert to satisfy every craving – and this was at the forefront of Chef Kamil’s mind when he chose to put 11 different desserts on the new Hunter & Barrel menu.


5 to Try: Tempting Hunter Desserts

So how did we know you were looking for the best desserts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

“You can’t finish a meal at Hunter & Barrel without dessert, and our customers agree!” explains Chef Kamil. “They have really been enjoying our desserts, especially here in the Middle East. We have tried many of the new desserts as specials, and so it made sense to add them to the menu.”

Tempt your taste buds by browsing the full dessert section of our A La Carte Menu, but here are five of our favourite indulgences.

  1. Crème Brûlée
    A classic, but not as you know it. Chef Kamil has switched up this French burnt cream dessert with mille-feuille and red fruits.
  2. Wild Berry Cheesecake
    Creamy cheesecake topped with mixed berry sauce, a harmonious blend of flavours.
  3. Raspberry Macaron
    A treat for the senses, delicate macarons filled with decadent dark chocolate ganache and served with wild berry coulis.
  4. Chocolate Mi-Cuit
    Our divine and much-demanded molten chocolate cake is paired with velvety vanilla bean ice cream.
  5. Baked Pain Perdu
    The ultimate comfort dessert. Brioche bread drenched in salted caramel sauce and served with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.
Creme Brulee 11 New Desserts at Hunter & Barrel UAE: Our Top 5 Picks!
From Hunter, with love❣️

Celebrate the spark and a shared passion for our award-winning menu at Hunter & Barrel today, and we'll make things even sweeter with a complimentary celebration cake. 

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"For any restaurant to stay relevant, it is essential to adapt and listen to what your customers are saying. We take this very, very seriously at Hunter & Barrel. Customer opinion was critical when crafting the new menu." – Chef Kamil. 

Emirates Hills, Dubai
📞 04 589 0970

Yas Bay, Abu Dhabi
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