It’s World Smile Day. Here’s How We’re Eating Ourselves Happy

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Posted: 05/10/2023

Nothing makes us happier at Hunter & Barrel than spreading joy throughout our restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi 

October 6th marks World Smile Day, a day dedicated to spreading happiness and positivity. We see enough smiles around the Hunter & Barrel table to know that good food and great company have the power to make hearts happy, and sparking joy is at the top of our entire team’s priority list. But are smiles and steaks a scientific combination? Yes indeed!

The Science of Food and Happiness

Certain foods can trigger the release of endorphins or ‘feel-good’ hormones in our brains. Steak, known for its rich flavour and tender texture, is not just capable of satisfying your taste buds, it can also boost your mood.

Research has shown that indulging in a well-prepared steak can reduce stress levels and enhance feelings of contentment, and the combination of protein, fats and amino acids in steak plays a significant role in this happiness equation.

At Hunter & Barrel, we take pride in crafting the best steak in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our expert chefs meticulously fire each steak to perfection, ensuring every bite is a step closer to a happier you.

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Hunter & Barrel: Where Smiles Are on the Menu

For us, it’s not just about serving great food; it’s about creating memorable dining experiences. When you walk through the Hunter & Barrel door, you’re not just a guest – you’re part of our tribe.

Smiles are contagious, and we’re used to spreading them! Our luxurious yet laid-back ambience, warm hospitality, and carefully curated menu are designed to do just that. It’s no wonder our steak restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have become synonymous with exceptional dining, and a team who go the extra (s)mile.

The Power of Shared Moments

Beyond our exceptional coal-roasted meats, freshest produce and barrel-aged cocktails, there’s something special about sharing a meal at Hunter & Barrel. Inspired by the hunter-gatherers of ancient times, we love to see stories shared and connections formed around our tables. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday surrounded by friends, or devoting much-needed time to an intimate dinner for two, Hunter & Barrel is here to bring the happy.


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