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Posted: 18/09/2023
Rob & Kamil

Let Hunter & Barrel enliven your taste buds you with an exciting new steak to explore

When meat lovers come to Hunter & Barrel, they are sometimes in hot pursuit of a certain steak. Whether it’s a lean Sirloin; a softer, richer Rib-eye; or a chunkier Rump, T-bone or Striploin, we often have guests tell us there is only one steak that will hit the spot – and it of course becomes our mission to fire-cook the perfect piece of meat to make them melt.

Other times, the intensely-trained Hunter & Barrel team is presented with an undecided diner: one happy for us to guide or even surprise them with an unexplored, but always impressive, steak cut. And we’re up for the challenge!

“Many chefs prefer and will always work with primary cuts of meat, like Rib-eye or Tomahawk,” explains Hunter & Barrel’s Chef Kamil Bouloot“But I also love to prepare dishes with lesser-known cuts – such as Flank, Picanha, Oyster Blade or Rump – which deserve recognition and can offer remarkable taste.”

Hunter & Barrel Lamb Cutlet Restaurant

The Beauty of the Blackmore Flank 

One of the new additions to the speciality steak section of the Hunter & Barrel menu means a little more to Chef Kamil, and that’s the Blackmore Wagyu Flank. This elite steak has been intermittently available as a special dish at Hunter & Barrel Dubai and Hunter & Barrel Abu Dhabi in the past. And with a marble score of 9+ – a grade found on less than 1% of cattle – it has sold out as quickly as it appeared.

Chef Kamil has made sure that’s no longer the case, however, by including the Blackmore Wagyu Flank as a staple dish on the newly-launched Hunter & Barrel menu. So, why is it something to get excited about?

The Blackmore Wagyu farm is situated in the high country of Victoria, Australia, a location specifically selected for its natural lagoons and old river red gum trees. In a carefully monitored supply chain of four years, Blackmore Wagyu producers breed, feed and market their own cattle in a natural, clean and sustainable environment.

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The farm’s Wagyu calves are raised naturally on their mother’s milk for the first six month of their lives, before moving on to an irrigation pasture, a non-grain ration, and then being either selected for a breeding programme or to enter its eco-feeding process.


Many describe Blackmore Wagyu beef as having a smooth, buttery, caramel-infused flavour. Chef Kamil is delighted to expand the offering of the UAE’s Best Steakhouse with a dish that is delicate yet intensely indulgent, and very meaningful for him, as a mainstay on the new Hunter & Barrel menu. Isn’t it time you tried it?

From Hunter, with love❣️

Celebrate the spark and a shared passion for our award-winning menu at Hunter & Barrel today, and we'll make things even sweeter with a complimentary celebration cake. 

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The inspiration behind everything on the Hunter menu... Fire 🔥

Let the sound of the crackle, the scent of smoky meat, and the sight of coal stacks set the stage for a dining experience like no other. My menu is a love letter to quality steak, meats, and produce, always bringing out the best of the flavours.

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"For any restaurant to stay relevant, it is essential to adapt and listen to what your customers are saying. We take this very, very seriously at Hunter & Barrel. Customer opinion was critical when crafting the new menu." – Chef Kamil. 

Emirates Hills, Dubai
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