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Posted: 23/12/2022
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Hunter & Barrel is a premium steakhouse, where ancient rituals and the raw elements of nature come together in a modern restaurant setting. Here, you can celebrate the joy of communal dining and the art of grilling quality meats and other fresh produce over a coal fire. Today we’ll focus on some of the menu’s hidden gems which make Hunter & Barrel the best steakhouse in Dubai.

How to start your feast

There’s a variety of outstanding appetizers and smaller plates available to begin your dining experience, but one incredible standout is the Open Fire Prawns. These prawns are lightly battered and grilled over an open fire for a smoky, charred flavor. They’re served with Togarashi dip and chili powder, which makes for a unique and flavorful starter.

For a vegetarian option, try the Charred Edamame. These gorgeous edamame beans are coated in a mix of chili and rosemary, then lightly charred and salted for a creative twist on a classic appetizer. Or if you’re looking for something a bit heartier, the Smoky Chicken Wings are a must-try. These crispy wings are coated in a honey glaze with dukkah, giving them a delightful flavor that pairs beautifully with the spring onions.

Fire grilled steaks

The best steakhouse obviously has to offer the best steak in Dubai, so you certainly won’t be disappointed by Hunter & Barrel’s selection. All steaks are expertly basted and grilled to your liking, with a choice of chunky chips or a house salad as a side. The rump is a particularly underrated option that represents great value. This 300g Wagyu delight is grain fed 400 days with a marble score of 6-7+.

I simply couldn’t have a list of Hunter & Barrel’s best-kept secrets without including the legendary Tomahawk Mayura, which is very much a steak for sharing. This unforgettable full blood Wagyu beast weighs in at a preposterous 1.5kg with a marble score of 8-9+. While it’s the most expensive item on the menu, it’s absolutely worth it if you have a few friends to help you devour this meaty masterpiece.

Mains from the land & sea

One of the things that makes this steakhouse restaurant Dubai such a great choice to come back to is the variety. They don’t just serve phenomenal steaks, there are plenty of other amazing dishes, such as those in the ‘mains from the land & sea’ section.

Some of the hidden treasures here include the Flame Grilled Chicken. This is a half chicken marinated in lemon, herb, and garlic before being expertly grilled and served with roast potato wedges, toum, and pickles. The delectable Char-Grilled Lamb Cutlets are marinated in garlic and rosemary before being grilled to perfection, while the Lobster Fettuccine is a seafood lover’s dream, featuring freshly handmade pasta with lobster medallions and a creamy bisque sauce.

Coal roasted skewers

If they didn’t have so many other remarkable dishes on the menu, I could honestly have these every time. The skewers are cooked over charcoal for an extraordinary charred flavor that is truly one-of-a-kind.

One highlight from the skewer menu is the Veal Loin, marinated with onion, lemon, and sundried tomato basting. Seafood aficionados will enjoy the Spicy Hammour Fish Fillet skewer, marinated with bird’s eye chili, red onion, and prunes for a spicy kick. As well as the Wild Caught Salmon skewer, which is marinated with freshly picked fennel, onions, and lemon for a deliciously fresh option.

Fire grilled burgers

Sometimes there’s just nothing quite like a burger, and the Hunter & Barrel burgers aren’t for the faint-hearted. The beef options both feature monstrous 200g patties that make for an incredibly satisfying meal. The Angus includes red onion, salad, melted cheese, and the special house sauce, while the Wagyu comes with exquisite mushroom confit and Swiss cheese.

Finish your feast with dessert

The best dining experiences conclude with some decadent dessert, and Hunter & Barrel definitely has you covered here. Chocoholics will love the Choc Walnut Brownie, a rich and fudgy treat served with chocolate sauce, vanilla bean ice cream, and salted caramel sauce, while the Pavlova is a scrumptious lighter option; a meringue-based dish with fresh seasonal fruit and whipped cream.

For a classic dessert with a twist, try the Baked Chocolate Cheesecake, served with coconut ice cream and berry sauce. And for a refreshing finish to the meal, there’s a range of sorbets, including passionfruit, lemon, and strawberry.


The fun doesn’t stop with the food either. At the bar, there’s a hand-picked selection of barrel-aged cocktails, craft beers, boutique wines, and cask-finished spirits, all prepared by a team of expert mixologists. With so many fantastic options you could try something new every day, but one signature cocktail you have to taste is called ‘Where The Bison Roam’. This unique combination of Zubrowka Vodka, apple and ginger cordial, elderflower syrup, and apple juice, produces an astounding flavor that will have you coming back for more.

If you’re looking for a truly memorable meal at a steakhouse Dubai, book online now!

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