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Posted: 09/03/2022
Roasted Chiles Rellenos

Part-time vegetarians and vegans are having a moment. Here’s why Hunter & Barrel is on board with the rise of the flexitarian!

If Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Gordon Ramsay and Brad Pitt were to gather at the Hunter &
Barrel table, the order would be 80% plant-based. That’s because these A-list celebs are just a few of the converts to the increasingly popular diet trend of flexitarianism.

As the name suggests, a flexitarian is a far more manageable adaptation of a vegan or vegetarian diet. They follow a general rule of 80/20, with one-fifth of their food to be meat and dairy, and the rest to be vegan or vegetarian.

The Reasons Flexitarianism is rising

Firstly, the reasons more and more of us are reducing our meat consumption vary. From personal health concerns to a better understanding of sustainability and the benefits of whole foods.
The rise of the flexitarian is music to our ears at Hunter & Barrel. If you’re reserving just 20% of what passes your lips for meat – we’re here to make sure it’s the most premium, expertly-sourced and impeccably fired cuts you can find.

Moreover, the UAE’s meat-free community already know they can find the region’s freshest produce at Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s best steak restaurants. Whether it’s transformed into a flavour-packed Forager’s Medley salad, Emerald Dal lentil stew, Chiles Rellenos stuffed bell pepper, or our standout House Made Vegan Burger.

Flexitarian options on the Hunter & Barrel menu

What should the Middle East’s newfound flurry of flexitarians choose from the Hunter & Barrel menu? May we suggest you begin with our Pumpkin & Cauliflower Croquettes – deep fried with Parmesan and served with aioli for dipping. Then, perhaps the Hunter-favourite Five Grain Kebab – traditional falafel with quinoa, kidney beans and hummus – with sides of Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms and Charred Corn.

For steak that HAS to hit the spot? Try the equally indulgent Tomahawk, Angus T-bone or Flank steaks to share. A decadently 4-5+ marbled Wagyu Fillet? Maybe a 450-day grain-fed
Rib-eye? In conclusion, don’t ask us to choose!

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