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There is no better place for an Iftar dining experience than at my Hunter & Barrel restaurants in the UAE. Visit us for a fusion of traditional Iftar cuisine and modern steakhouse delicacies.

So please, bring your family and friends to Hunter & Barrel and share in an evening meal for the best Iftar in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Enjoy Iftar in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Elegance

At both my Dubai and Abu Dhabi restaurants, you will find a sophisticated mix of rustic dining and festive feasting. It’s a good place to be, to share good food and good times with your best people.

Friendly staff and a menu that caters to all your favourites mean we are the best Iftar restaurant for you and your closest people.

Our Iftar Menu: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

My menu caters to all those enjoying Iftar, with platters to share with your friends. My team prides itself on the blending of traditional foods and practices, and the best in new cuisine, steaks and current trends in food and dining.

We like to encourage the sharing of meals, with a banquet for 2 or more available upon request.

Signature Steaks: The Best Steak House Experience

My restaurants are well known for the quality of their steaks, and so they should. Sourced from premier meat suppliers from around the world, my team can char-grill your steak to perfection.

Visit one of my UAE locations and discover what so many people are talking about- how good our steaks are.

Rib-Eye Steak

The rib-eye steak comes from muscles that do very little exercise. This means they have the perfect amount of fat to create that delicious marbling effect. This produces extraordinary flavour and juiciness, and The Ribeye is considered one of the primest cuts of meat.

Angus Fillet

The Angus fillet comes from a muscular breed of cattle, which produces a highly marbled cut of meat. It is rich and juicy and a more tender cut of steak.

Wagyu Steak

Wagyu steaks come from a very resilient cow, with healthy muscle and fats. Wagyu is pinker and softer than other meats, giving you a more flavourful cut of meat.

Diverse Iftar Delights at Hunter & Barrel

Traditional Iftar dining is all about sharing the break of the fast with your family, friends and community. Hunter & Barrel have sharing platters full of meats, flame-grilled skewers and salads you can hand around the table and enjoy with everyone.


On my menu, you have two excellent lamb dishes to choose from – slow-cooked lamb shoulder, with vegetables and fragrant rice. Or, char-grilled lamb cutlets, braised in garlic & rosemary, with roasted potato wedges and seasonal vegetables.

A dynamic mix of traditional and contemporary cuisine.


Are you looking for something lighter than lamb but just as tasty and filling? Choose from our range of chicken dishes, such as our half chicken, flame-grilled and served with wedges, garlic and pickles. You can partake in a fire-grilled chicken burger, or devour a skewered chicken thigh, marinated in lemon, herb & garlic sauce.


We have a spectacular selection of seafood for you to try. Hammour or wild salmon skewers, garlic prawns or a sustainably caught fish-of-the-day. All fresh, all cooked to perfection.

Why Choose Hunter & Barrel for Your Iftar Gathering?

My UAE restaurants are the best place to gather with friends and family to share Iftar. The quality of food served is first class, with friendly staff to match.

There is no need to prepare or cook. All you need to do is order your favourite steak, burger, or salad, and enjoy the company of your community.

Best Iftar In Dubai & Abu Dhabi: A Blend of Flavors and Culture

Join us at one of my two UAE locations, where the traditions of Middle Eastern cuisine meet the forefront of Western gastronomy. A blend of traditional desert lifestyle and modern UAE aspirations.

Convenient Locations for a Perfect Evening

My two restaurants are both located in easy-to-reach locations.

The upscale setting of Emirates Hill, surrounded by lush greenery, is an oasis in which to enjoy and share Iftar.

Yas Bay has fine dining on the waterfront, with shimmering waters and blue skies, making every experience memorable.

Book Your Iftar Experience at Hunter & Barrel

Book now and mark your calendar. Enjoy your Iftar, in a welcoming environment, with friendly staff and exceptional food. Enjoy all this with your friends and family, seven days a week.

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