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Discover fine dining in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at Hunter and Barrel. At my restaurants, we take great pride in offering sophisticated dining experiences highlighted by the freshest produce cooked over the open flames of our coal grill. From indulgent local seafood to rotisserie-cooked poultry, flame-grilled steaks and much more, there’s something for every palate on my menu.


Join us at Hunter and Barrel and experience fine dining in an intimate atmosphere. Weaving together rustic charm and contemporary styling, a comprehensive menu and an unsurpassed drinks selection, ours is an elevated steakhouse experience like no other.


With a blend of contemporary design and welcoming, rustic features, my restaurants offer an intimate space for every occasion. Combined with the artisanal expertise of our chefs and the warm, attentive service from our front-of-house team, you’ll find Hunter and Barrel the perfect place for fine dining in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Signature Menus Crafted for Culinary Excellence

Explore my signature menus, built on a promise of quality produce, expert culinary skill and a unique approach to flavoursome cookery. At Hunter and Barrel, my team crafts an extensive menu that’s built around the primal power of fire, featuring premium, high marble score cuts of steak, succulent rotisserie poultry, seasonal vegetables and freshly caught seafood. 

Exclusive Wine Selections and Gourmet Pairings

Whether you’re looking for a fine wine to pair with my menu’s shared feasting options or a glass of Champagne to toast a special occasion, there’s something for all tastes and preferences on our curated wine list. 

Why Our Restaurant Stands Out in Fine Dining

Find a truly exceptional fine dining experience at my Emirates Hills and Yas Bay restaurants. Here you’ll discover a menu where attention to detail, premium cuts of beef, fresh local produce and open-flame cooking come together to create a unique and special night. 

Renowned Chefs and World-Class Cuisine

Each member of my kitchen team brings their own skill and experience to the menu at Hunter and Barrel. With years of training and experience serving diners around the world, my chefs create more than just special dishes – they make wonderful memories for our guests.

A Blend of Innovation and Tradition

At Hunter and Barrel, restless creativity combines with reverence for the past to create something truly unique. Here you’ll find the primitive power of fire blended with a modern approach to cuisine, offering a special experience for diners.

Premier Locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Join me and my team at the best fine dining restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Choose between the waterfront charm and on-board yacht dining options of Yas Bay and the premium atmosphere of the prestigious Emirates Hills neighbourhood. 

Book Your Fine Dining Experience With Us

Discover the unsurpassed dining quality, intimate, stylish atmosphere and flame-focused menus of my Emirates Hills and Yas Bay restaurants. We look forward to welcoming you.

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