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Posted: 15/03/2022
Hunter Family Meal

As we approach UAE Mother’s Day, we’re providing a reminder on why gathering with your tribe at the Hunter & Barrel table should be a regular. Here’s why you need to book a Hunter family meal now. 

How often do you eat with your family? Conflicting schedules and busy lives can make dining at a table surrounded by our loved ones something we save for special occasions. Just like you may be doing to with a UAE Mother’s Day lunch or dinner on Monday March 21st.
And, of course, we’ll be celebrating every mum who dines with us at Hunter &  Barrel Dubai and Abu Dhabi – with Chef Kamil’s signature raspberry macaron cake as a complimentary gift to sweeten the ultimate huntress’ special day. But there are many, often underestimated, reasons why families should dine together on a regular basis, and why the hunter/gatherer concept remains at the heart of our story.

Here’s a quick round-up of the lesser-known benefits of the family meal, which we are
always so happy to serve and see in action at the Hunter & Barrel table.

Better Eating habits

Parents of picky eaters know the struggle! But the family meal provides parents and other
adults an opportunity to encourage children to see, try and learn. To ultimately love a wide variety of foods. Trust us, the appreciation for Hunter & Barrel steak spans generations!

Breaking boundaries

Nothing boosts a family bond like a shared love for great food. Even better if you’re willing
to share that food with said family, too! At Hunter’s, we want you to browse the menu
together, debate and decide what to order as a group, and learn a little more about your
fellow diners through our dishes.

Time to Talk

A family meal brings everyone around a table, away from distraction and the relentlessness
of day-to-day life. There is no better opportunity to connect with your family; open up face-
to-face communication so often muted by the digital era, and give the people you love the
most the biggest gift we can in the modern world. Time.

Hunter & Barrel will present a complimentary cake to all families celebrating UAE
Mother’s Day on Monday March 21st at our Vida Hills, Dubai and Yas Bay, Abu Dhabi
To book your next much-needed family meal, click here

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