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Posted: 31/08/2021
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After the hunt, comes the gathering. Here’s why both are such an integral part of the Hunter & Barrel experience 

The hunter-gatherers of ancient times were a collective society, where no man or woman had authority, and the pursuit of food was equally divided. This meant the results were also celebrated and shared throughout the group, where members of each clan would delight in each other’s enjoyment of a hard-earned, hearty meal. 

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It’s this simple, back-to-basics appreciation of exceptional meat, produce and cooking with fire you’ll find at the heart of Hunter & Barrel, and the reason we have quickly gained a reputation of authenticity Dubai’s best restaurants. But just as important as what’s on the table is the people around it – because eating together includes social, emotional and health benefits we should all be reminded of. 

Want to eat healthier? Then spend more time eating, not less. When we sit down for a meal with others we tend to take time over our food, allowing the body to digest it properly and feel full more quickly, meaning we eat less than we might do alone.  

Studies have also shown that we are likely to make better food choices when dining in a group, opting for grilled proteins and healthy salads and avoiding the unhealthier options we might succumb to by ourselves. It also encourages us to explore and try new foods when we see a collection of dishes in front of us. 

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Gathering to eat also makes us happier. There really is a reason that humans have been sharing communal meals since time began. When we eat together, our so-called ‘animal brains’ receive the message that we are safe, satisfied and loved, and our bodies are flooded with positive hormones and emotions.

Shared meals create and build bonds. Eating together gives us the opportunity to talk, laugh, share and connect with our families, friends, colleagues or partners – away from distraction. Choosing to share a dining table with somebody else gives both parties a sense of belonging and self-worth, which is a pretty impressive side order. 

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