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Make the most of terrace restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in these glorious UAE winter months

Sit outside in the perfect temperatures of Abu Dhabi and Dubai winters, and we’re soon reminded why the UAE is where we’ve chosen to live. While much is made of the Emirates’ sweltering summers, you’ll find far less fanfare around the incredible climes of the winter months – which is why we’re providing a little reminder!

Gather your tribe and head outside

There’s nowhere we’d rather eat than outside. Outdoor dining was, and is, an essential element of the hunter-gather concept at the heart of Hunter & Barrel’s rustic roots, which is why thriving terraces were an essential element when we were crafting our Vida Hills, Dubai and Yas Bay, Abu Dhabi restaurants. 

Whether you’re breezing in for our Business Lunch or Bubbly Lunch ; sipping a 3 O’Clock Beverage Club craft cocktail as the sun sets over the city, or sharing stories and steaks from our A La Carte menu surrounded by a throng of loved ones – Hunter & Barrel has the perfect outdoor dinner and drinks setting to offer. 

But why does eating and drinking alfresco make us all feel so great? Here are a few of our favourite benefits that come from taking to the Hunter & Barrel terrace.



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Uplifting Natural Light

Being outside in natural sunlight has a huge impact on human wellbeing. If you’ve ever spent a whole day or longer inside – which the majority of us experienced during the lockdowns of Covid-19 – you’ll know the negative impact this can have on our mood. You’ll also know how immediately uplifting it can feel to then step outside and soak in the daylight, regardless of what the weather is doing. Eating a meal outdoors also allows us to kickstart that ever-critical Vitamin D production, which keeps our bones strong, heart healthy, and happy hormones flowing. 

Soothing Sounds

When we eat outside we tune into nature’s relaxing and restorative sounds, like chirping birds, blowing wind and flowing water. This type of noise physically alters the connections in our brain, reducing our body’s fight-flight-freeze instinct and masking the more stressful sounds, such as airplanes flying overhead, traffic buzz and construction sites.

Less Phone, more focus

People tend to be more mindful when they’re outside, observing the encapsulating world in motion around them. When we dine outside, this mindfulness translates into what we are eating and who we are surrounded by. It makes us far less likely to be distracted by technology, and far more likely to engage with our fellow diners.

A better functioning body

Nature is proven to lower our stress levels, soothing us physically as well as psychologically. When we are relaxed, gastric acid can be steadily secreted into our stomachs, allowing our food to be digested properly. And we’re all about a happy belly at Hunter & Barrel!

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