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Posted: 06/12/2022
Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drinks

Hunter and Barrel details five of the very best non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy in Dubai this Christmas.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to catch up with friends and family, particularly if it involves some tasty food and cold drinks at a restaurant Mirdif. You may be looking to avoid alcohol for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean you also have to avoid sampling some spectacular beverages. That’s why we’re recommending five of the best non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy during the Christmas period, with our magnificent selection of mocktails.


Basil & Elderflower cordial, lemon juice, saline, soda

In case you didn’t know, mocktails deliver the exquisite flavors and pizzazz of cocktails, but without the alcohol content. If anything, they’re usually even more delicious than cocktails, which is certainly an argument you can make with the Basil & Beyond mocktail.

This incredibly light and refreshing drink is a great option for any time of day. Between the basil, elderflower, and lemon juice, you’re also getting a number of health benefits. Elderflower has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for the respiratory system, basil can aid digestion and help with anxiety, while lemon is packed with vitamin C and can support weight loss. Add the soda and saline, which brightens up both sweet and sour flavors, and you have the perfect pick-me-up after a long year.


Earl Grey syrup, pineapple & coconut shrub, soda

There is just something about the flavors of pineapple and coconut that make me feel like I’m on holiday at a beautiful, tropical beach. Mixing them with Earl Grey syrup and soda only adds to the experience, combining to deliver a truly magical iced tea. If you haven’t heard of ‘shrubs’ before, they’re basically concentrated syrups that are used to create unique tastes. The coconut shrub works superbly in this mocktail which also gives you an invigorating caffeine boost.


Apple & ginger cordial, rosemary drops with ginger beer

The Ginger Rose mocktail might just be my new favorite drink. Ginger is quite a traditional Christmas ingredient, with gingerbread being something of a culinary staple for the festive season. While I certainly enjoy gingerbread too, I think the delightful ginger flavor is taken to another level in this liquid masterpiece. As a bonus, ginger is among the healthiest spices in the world. It boasts a variety of medicinal properties such as reducing nausea, helping to fight the cold or flu, and may even lower cholesterol levels. Add in the antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal characteristics of rosemary, and you’ve got plenty of excuses to treat yourself with this one.


Citrus cordial, pineapple juice, saline & soda

This luscious mocktail is definitely fit for a king. The citrus and pineapple flavors complement each other divinely and are brilliantly enhanced by the saline. Soda then gives your beverage the perfect amount of fizz to make it too yummy to stop at just one.


House bloody mary mix & tomato juice

The mocktail version of the famous ‘Bloody Mary’ is perfect with lunch at the Mirdif city center restaurants, but you can have one at any time of day. It delivers a uniquely tangy, savory, and spicy combination of flavors, that is always very refreshing. The Bull With No Horns contains malic, citric, and oxalic acids which accelerate your metabolism, and aid in filtering out fatty deposits from the body. It also includes lycopene, which has been shown to potentially increase the efficiency of your metabolism by up to one-third.

All of these fantastic mocktails are available at Hunter & Barrel, which constantly strives to be the best of the uptown Mirdif restaurants. Plus, if you love a cold beer, you can also get the Heineken Zero Alcohol 0.0%, a popular pairing with any of our glorious steaks.

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