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Posted: 06/12/2022
Hunter & Barrel Tomahawk
Hunter & Barrel Tomahawk

Hunter and Barrel guides you through the best dishes to order at a steakhouse restaurant.

Going to a steakhouse can be a magnificent dining experience, and there’s really no better place if you’re looking for a feast that will truly satisfy your belly. While it’s hard to go wrong with your choices, most of us don’t get to eat at a steakhouse Dubai as often as we’d like, so here are some of the best options to order if you want to make the most of your night out.


Rib-eye steaks are among the most succulent cuts of beef, coming from the rib cage of the animal. The relatively high fat content in a rib-eye makes it one of the more flavorful pieces of meat you can order, as the fat breaks down during the cooking process, which tenderizes the meat and boosts its flavor.

At Hunter & Barrel, you have a couple of excellent options for rib-eye steaks. An Angus, grain fed 250 days with a marble score of 2-4+, and a Wagyu, grain fed 450 days with a marble score of 5-6+. Both are delicious and come in a generous 350g portion with chips or salad. It’s usually best to have your rib-eye cooked medium-rare or medium to give the fat enough time to render and flavor the meat.


If you’re looking for a leaner steak then you can’t go past a fillet. The fillet is a very tender cut that comes from the lower middle of the back and forms part of the sirloin. The fillet muscle is so tender because it does the least amount of work. It has fairly minimal fat running through it, so may not be as flavorful as a rib-eye, but don’t get it twisted, this is still a steak fit for royalty. Fillet steaks are generally cut thicker than others at about 4cm each, and are great when cooked rare if that appeals to you.

You have three fantastic choices for fillet at Hunter & Barrel steakhouse restaurant Dubai. The SA, grain fed 120 days, as well as the Angus and Wagyu options which are both grain fed 400 days with a marble score of 4-5+. All fillets are 250g and if you choose the house salad for your side dish, you’re getting a sumptuous meal that is also genuinely healthy.


This is very much a steak for sharing, so if you’re able to put away the entire thing yourself, I’ll be both impressed and concerned. Also known as a ‘cowboy steak’ the tomahawk is the ‘bone-in’ version of the rib-eye that can weigh well over a kilo. The signature long bone that resembles a handle makes it look like a tomahawk, which is the reason for its name. While it’s one of the more expensive cuts of meat, it’s absolutely worth it if you have a friend or two who can help you devour this delicacy.

Your tomahawk options at Hunter & Barrel include a decadent 1.3kg cut that is grain fed 250 days with a marble score of 2-4+, and the glorious Tomahawk Mayura, which serves as perhaps the most compelling argument in the restaurant’s claim to being the best steakhouse in Dubai. This mouth-watering full blood Wagyu beast weighs in at a preposterous 1.5kg with a marble score of 8-9+. I’d encourage everyone to try this meaty masterpiece at least once in their lives and thank me later.

Beef Ribs

While they’re obviously known best for their steaks, don’t be afraid to order other meals at a quality steakhouse Dubai, particularly if you’re lucky enough to visit regularly and like to try different options. One dish that steakhouses usually knock out of the park is beef ribs. The beef variety of ribs has grown massively in popularity over recent years and makes for an incredibly satisfying experience when prepared properly.

Hunter & Barrel is certainly one of those places that prepares them properly, with beef ribs that are slow-cooked, then char-grilled with the special in-house basting. This ensures that the ribs are exceptionally tender and flavorful, and one of my favorite dishes on the whole menu.


You can really level up your feast with your choice of side dishes at a steak restaurant Dubai. I always seem to crave chips or wedges when I’m eating a steak and they’re hard to beat; especially at Hunter & Barrel where the triple-fried chunky chips are as good as you’ll find anywhere. Mashed potato can also be a great choice which mixes wonderfully with meat juices and sauces.

If you want to opt for a healthier choice, you don’t have to compromise on taste either. Hunter & Barrel offers a gorgeous green salad as well as a roasted cauliflower and pumpkin dish, where the vegetables are spectacularly crispy on the outside and luxuriously soft on the inside. However, my favorite option outside of chips has to be the chargrilled vegetables. Something magical happens when chargrilling these vegetables that transform the flavor and texture, resulting in an absolute sensation for your tastebuds that will have you coming back for more.

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