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Posted: 08/11/2022
Hunter & Barrel Burger

Super simple but oh-so-scrumptious, we grill Chef Kamil on how he creates up the UAE’s best burgers.

Sometimes, only a burger will do. Just a bun, beef patty and perhaps some sauce or salad,
but yet this tasty combination can be so satisfying that nothing else will hit the spot. Here, Chef Kamil explains why your search for the best burger in Dubai and Abu Dhabi ends at Hunter & Barrel.

Tell us! What are the key elements of the perfect burger?

Quality meat, with the right lean-to-fat ratio. The right amount of marbling in ground beef enriches its flavour and provides the juiciness a burger needs. A burger bun that is soft, with a fluffy crumb and a fine texture. The ideal bun should hold up well to the burger’s juices, but never be tough or cottony. Then a classic sauce to enhance – not overpower – the flavour of the burger patty.

Yum! And what are the most common mistakes that lead to a bad burger?

The most common mistake that leads to a bad burger is not grinding the meat at the
appropriate level. It is important to ensure that the meat is coarsely ground in order to
produce that moist, chunky texture, which is essential for a great tasting burger.

We know you’re a steak man. When would we see Chef Kamil tuck into a burger?

If I am having a meal with friends or family, I tend to order a steak because I feel I have
more time to leisurely enjoy a good piece of steak with wine. However, if I am having a meal
during a work day with business colleagues or acquaintances, I tend to order a nice juicy
burger, which I know I can savour within the time constraints I have during lunch.

What makes the Hunter & Barrel burger so unique?

We use the best quality meat, coarsely ground to the right level on a daily basis. Our burger buns are soft, fluffy and fine textured, and are buttered before being placed in the grill. We don’t pile up on condiments, sauces and cheeses to produce flavorsome burgers. We add ‘just enough’, and rely more on the taste of the actual meat to shine through. Also, the price! All of our burgers offer excellent value for money.

Give us some secrets! Why do the flavours work so well together?

We always choose the appropriate type and amount of condiment to pair with each type of burger. For instance, in our Angus Beef Burger, we use aged cheddar cheese, which pairs extremely well with Hunter’s special sauce. We add mushroom confit and Swiss cheese to our Wagyu Beef Burger, which works perfectly with this type of beef patty. And for our Cornfed Chicken Burger, aioli, pickles and avocado really enhance the flavour.

What do Hunter & Barrel diners have to say about your burgers?

As they say, actions speak louder than words. And this is so true at Hunter & Barrel, because we have amassed a regular client base who always specifically visit our restaurants to eat a specific type of burger. To me, this is a true testament of how great our burgers truly are.
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