Why happy Hour is so much more at Hunter & Barrel

Posted: 14/12/2021
Happy Hour Hunter & Barrel

What’s better than happy hour? Four of them. Here’s why your next visit to Hunter & Barrel needs to coincide with our daily 3 O’Clock Beverage Club. Find out why happy hour is so much more at Hunter & Barrel.

Happy hour in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can sometimes equate to cramming questionable drinks into an off-peak slot, only to swiftly switch to the full price tipple you really wanted. But we’ve reinvented the concept with the 3 O’Clock Beverage Club – available daily at Hunter & Barrel Vida Hills, Dubai and Yas Bay Waterfront, Abu Dhabi.


Running from 3pm to 7pm every single day, that’s four full hours. The 3 O’Clock Beverage Club is where we celebrate the standout barrel-aged cocktails and premium craft drinks selection on the Hunter & Barrel menu. We encourage you to sample our signatures, at up to 35% off.

Whether it’s an early finish from work or a leisurely weekend afternoon with friends

3pm is a Hunter slot worth setting a reminder for. Sip on the cocktails making us famous in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Try out Barrel of Laughs (barrel-aged whisk(e)y with apple & ginger cordial, bitters, soda). Taste the La Vida Loca (barrel-aged tequila, citrus cordial, agave syrup). And sip on the Old Pal Spritz (oak bottled-aged Aperol, prosecco, soda). We also have a long list of premium wines, beers, spirits and mocktails. This is why happy hour is so much more at Hunter & Barrel.

The 3 O’Clock Beverage Club runs daily from 3pm to 7pm at Hunter & Barrel Vida Emirates Hills, Dubai, Hunter & Barrel Mirdif Hills, Dubai and Hunter & Barrel Yas Bay Waterfront, Abu Dhabi.

To view the full 3 O’Clock Beverage Club menu, click here.

To book your table, click here

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