Posted: 04/01/2022
Hunter & Barrel Vegan

A lifetime spent foraging for the freshest ingredients has given us the perfect base for some seriously tasty Hunter & Barrel vegan signatures.

Over half a million people worldwide pledged to switch to a vegan diet for at least a month in January 2021. The increasingly popular “Veganuary” initiative, will see that figure soar even higher in 2022.

Plant-based eating has spiked in the UAE so much so that the first ever Vegan Food Festival in the Middle East will be held. Experience our delectable vegan signatures at Hunter & Barrel from January 14-30, 2022 at Dubai’s Expo 2020.

Our love for exceptional steak is no secret but for those UAE vegans or sometimes vegans, we’d like to put some of our plant-based dishes on a pedestal.


The Mains From the Garden section on the Hunter & Barrel menu is the place to be.

Our Chiles Rellenos are a
 zingy explosion of roasted bell peppers. They are stuffed with a filling of black beans, rice, jalapenos, avocado and creamy ricotta. To finish, they are drizzled with our punchy house chilli-rancheros sauce. Absolutely delicious.

Our Emerald Dal is also a flavour and comfort-packed dish. A spinach stew with dal lentils and basmati rice.

For the ‘meaty’ vegan variation, head straight for our House Made Vegan Burger. This herbed kidney bean and quinoa patty, with red onion, mushroom and mustard is known for hitting the spot. The perfect choice for true burger aficionados. 

Lastly, our UAE-inspired Five Grains Kebab is drool worthy. A traditional falafel mix of quinoa and kidney beans, cooked to perfection over charcoal. It is served with hummus, harvest potato wedges or house salad.

Now tell us you aren’t tempted?

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