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Posted: 06/09/2023
Tasting Board with Calamari

A new Hunter & Barrel UAE menu has arrived. But what should you try first?

“All of our dishes should be tried at some point, as there is so much to excite the taste buds,” explained Chef Kamil Bouloot when we pinned him down to discuss his new menu, fresh from a visit to Australia to catch up with the Hunter & Barrel team. “But yes, something must come first!” All set to solidify our reputation as the UAE’s best steakhouse, a brand new Hunter & Barrel is now available at our Dubai restaurant in Emirates Hills and Abu Dhabi restaurant on Yas Bay Waterfront. Here’s a little help from Chef Kamil on how to narrow down your choices for that all-important first tasting.

Hunter & Barrel Skewers

We know how hard it is to pick favourites from such an exciting new Hunter & Barrel menu! Let’s start with two standout dishes…

We have introduced a new section of raw appetisers which are the perfect start to your meal, and a must-try for me. We also have an upgraded skewers section, and one of the new additions is a rolled striploin stuffed with mushroom duxelles and cheese, grilled over natural wood charcoal. This is very, very nice!  

What’s new in steak?
For steaks, we have brought three previous and very popular specials into the new menu: the Australian Mayura Station Wagyu Tomahawk, the Japanese Kiwami Wagyu Rib-eye and the Australian Stone Axe Wagyu Tenderloin. All have a 9+ marble score and are a very premium part of the new menu.


There’s so much amazing meat! What is your advice to anyone unsure on what / how to order at Hunter & Barrel?

There is not one general rule when ordering a piece of steak. It should always be done according to personal choice and taste. Some people prefer a leaner cut such as a sirloin; others love a softer, more indulgent steak like rib-eye; then others a chunkier meat like rump, T-bone or striploin. My advice for anyone unsure on what to order at Hunter & Barrel is to ask our team! They are very well trained to suggest the perfect piece of meat for each customer’s preference.


What dish will Hunter & Barrel guests be most surprised by?

I would say the tartare dishes. A lot of Hunter & Barrel customers have been asking for raw foods for some time, so I think they will be very surprised and happy to see these in their own section on the new menu. Not only because they will enjoy them, but also because we have taken their advice.

And 11 desserts…

Yes! You can’t finish a meal at Hunter & Barrel without dessert. Our customers have really been enjoying our desserts, especially here in the Middle East. We have tried out many of the new desserts as specials, and so it made sense to add them to the menu. And we couldn’t possibly leave any of our most popular long-term favourites out – like the molten Chocolate Mi Cuit or comforting Baked Pain Perdu!


To check out the brand new Hunter & Barrel menu, click here.

Chocolate Brownie

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