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Posted: 06/07/2022
Mayura Steak

 Taste one of the most decadent steaks with Mayura available at Hunter & Barrel in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The exclusive Australian full-blood Wagyu beef producer, Mayura Station, is famed for its chocolate-fed cattle and decadent, melt-in-the-mouth steaks.

Up to 2kg of chocolate, strawberries-and-cream flavoured gummies, and M&Ms are intermixed with hay, corn, wheat, oats and bran to make up each cattle feed at Australian beef producer, Mayura Station. It sounds super luxe because it is!

It’s this sugary combination the boutique farm credits for the nutty, buttery, melt-in-the-mouth steaks are now world famous.

Hunter & Barrel is excited to welcome Mayura Station to the menu at our Vida Hills and Mirdif Hills restaurants in Dubai, and Yas Bay Waterfront restaurant in Abu Dhabi this summer. They are one of the only locations in the Middle East offering this globally-demanded meat.

Why are Mayura Steaks so decadent?

Since 1998, the chocolate-laced diet has been active at Mayura Station. It comes as the result of intense testing and trials brought about by Managing partner, Scott de Bruin. He was keen to mix things up and he sure did.

Scott’s father, Adrian, is the founder of the famous Australian farm and one of the first cattle farmers in Australia to import and breed full-blood Wagyu cattle from Japan. But, Scott wanted to do something different to further distinguish the brand.

Scott consulted Japanese nutritional specialists to create the ultimate feed for his herd, and
spent over two years running a total of 24 taste tests with a panel of four experts before
deciding on the final composition. One key ingredient, a by-product of corn, was difficult to
source in South Australia. Its nutritional profile was similar to chocolate… and so Mayura Station’s sweet and unique blend was born.

To truly test the impact of its candied cattle feed, Mayura Station removed chocolate and
sweets from the menu for a two-year period in 2010. This was met with outrage from
clients. They complained the signature sweetness and buttery, nutty, undertone of its meat had completely disappeared.

Ultimately, chocolate returned to the cattle feed, and Mayura Station has since gone one step further to truly spoil its herd. It has introduced a large semi-undercover relaxation area called the ‘Mayura Moo Cow Motel’ to add to the luxury and exceptional comfort.

Where Can you have a mayura steak in Dubai and Abu dhabi?

Intrigued to try the most decadent steak at in the UAE? Ask Hunter & Barrel for the Mayura Station speciality cuts when you next dine at your local.

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