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Posted: 17/06/2022
Mirdif Design

What happens when the hunt is over? That’s the question our latest Hunter & Barrel UAE restaurant at Mirdif Hills answers at every turn.

With four UAE launches in a single year, you might think we’d adopt a ‘cut and paste’
approach when we open the doors to another Hunter & Barrel steak restaurant. But that’s not the case. Each unique location attempts to reveal another layer of our Australian outback roots and hunter-gatherer instincts. With a deep respect and understanding of the Arab traditions and cultures we are inviting into our abode.

Calvin Janse van Vuuren from the Hunter design team explains why sweeping drapes, tented hideaways, leather urchin pendant lights and our family-friendly feel makes Hunter & Barrel Mirdif Hills an exciting addition to Dubai’s dining scene.

What’s different about Hunter & Barrel Mirdif Hills?

All Hunter & Barrel dining spaces take cues from traditional and modern hunting methods found in the locality. At Mirdif we asked the question, what happens once the ‘hunt’ is over? This sparked the idea of returning home to the tented camp, a place for rest and recuperation for the next day.

H&B Mirdif

How would you describe the aesthetic and ambience?

Hunter & Barrel Mirdif is earthy with a touch of rustic sophistication. During service, there is an undeniable energy within the space, which comes from a culmination of powerful aesthetics. From the intimate ‘library lounge’ seating, where we are comfortable to chat, to
the anchoring of the display bar, where we are more visible. The ambience is also created from the emotion of love poured into the food. Each table is articulated with light, illuminating the wonderful food without being intrusive to the diner’s eye.

What will stand out to us when we visit the restaurant?

The feature element that ties the entire space together is the warm tone curtains that will
welcome you into the restaurant as if you were walking into your tent. We have used the
design principle of ‘conceal and reveal’ as you move through the space, allowing glimpses
into the library lounge and the dining area, and creating lots of semi-private dining spaces.

Leather urchin pendant lights and hand-stitched custom leather curtains give the restaurant
texture and sophistication.

Why is Hunter & Barrel Mirdif a good spot for families?

Hunter & Barrel is renowned for its family dining spaces and its generous meals. The Mirdif Hills restaurant is no different. It offers families and groups the choice of private dining to more public seating by drawing or opening the curtains. Families will also enjoy the plentiful bench and booth seating, bringing everyone together to dine, laugh, listen and chime their glasses.

For more details and to book a table at Hunter & Barrel Mirdif Hills, click here.

H&B Mirdif Design

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