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Posted: 30/05/2022
Moscow Mule

Here’s what you should be sipping from the Hunter & Barrel summer cocktail selection!

The UAE summer can be a little stifling, but doesn’t it feel a whole lot sweeter with a cooling cocktail in hand? The Hunter & Barrel summer cocktails collection is carefully curated by our masterful mixologists. They have included some clever thirst-quenching ingredients in our ultra-refreshing signature drinks. Perfect for sipping when those soaring temperatures and humidity have left you a little hot under the collar.

Soda water, sparkling water, seltzers

Whatever you call fizzy H2O, it’s a fantastic beverage choice when you’re seeking serious refreshment. Opt for a Barrel of Laughs [barrel-aged whisk(e)y, apple & ginger cordial, bitters, soda] or Old Pal Spritz [oak bottle-aged Aperol, prosecco, soda] from our Hunter & Barrel summer cocktails collection. You’ll satisfy that summer thirst, as well as sampling some of our most popular signature drinks.

Hyrdation is high Priority

Some fruits are seriously multi-talented, and hydration is high on the list for many of our
cocktail bases. Coconuts contain a whopping 94% water, with pineapples, apples and pears
not far behind at 87%, 86% and 84% respectively. To pack some of these satiating super
fruits into your daily intake, sip on a Hunter-style Moscow Mule [barrel-aged rum,
pineapple & coconut shrub, pear, bitters, ginger beer] French Martini [vodka, Chambord, pineapple juice] or Mai Tai [white rum, dark rum, pineapple juice, orgeat] as your tipple of choice.

Hunter & Barrel Mocktail Menu

And things just get juicier with our Mocktail menu! Hunter & Barrel’s top three alcohol-free
thirst quenchers are the herby Basil & Beyond [basil & elderflower cordial, lemon juice, saline, soda]; floral Nutty Earl [Earl Grey syrup, pineapple & coconut shrub, soda] and zingy King’s Juice [Citrus cordial, pineapple juice, saline, soda].

Summer afternoons are for beating the heat… and seeking out the bar. Hunter & Barrel’s 3 O’Clock Beverage Club is the ideal place to cool down, hydrate, and save up to 35% on a wide selection of our craft cocktails and premium drinks. The 3 O’Clock Beverage Club runs daily from 3pm to 7pm at Hunter & Barrel Vida Hills, Dubai, Mirdif Hills, Dubai, and Yas Bay Waterfront, Abu Dhabi.

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