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Posted: 23/01/2023
Hunter & Barrel Steaks

Hunter & Barrel recommends the top steak cuts to try on your next visit.

 Here are some of the different cuts of steak to check out next time you visit the best steakhouse in Dubai:


The striploin steak is one of the most popular cuts of beef, from a muscle that runs along the spine of the cow, between the rib and the sirloin. It’s a fairly lean cut which makes it a great option for those looking for a healthier steak.

Hunter & Barrel uses Angus beef for the striploin, which is known for its high-quality and rich flavor. The steak is grain fed for 400 days with a marble score of 4-5+, making for a juicy, delicious cut. At a generous 350g serving, the striploin won’t disappoint, and it’s versatile enough to be cooked to your desired level of doneness, even if you don’t like your steak on the rarer side.


If you’re a steak lover, you know that the rib-eye is one of the most succulent cuts of beef you can order. Cut from the rib cage of the animal, the rib-eye is known for its relatively high fat content, which gives the meat its rich, beefy flavor. The fat in the rib-eye also helps to tenderize the meat as it cooks, making it delightfully flavorful.

At Hunter & Barrel there are two premium rib-eye options: an Angus, grain fed for 250 days with a marble score of 2-4+, and a Wagyu, grain fed for 450 days with a marble score of 5-6+. Both options are sure to please any steak lover’s palate.

The rib-eyes at Hunter & Barrel steak restaurant are heartily portioned at 350g, served with a choice of chips or salad. To fully experience the flavor and tenderness of the rib-eye, it’s best to have it cooked medium-rare or medium. This allows the fat to render and flavor the meat to perfection.


When it comes to steak, the rump is often overlooked in favor of more fashionable cuts like ribeye and sirloin. However, at Hunter & Barrel, the rump is definitely worth trying. It’s a cut of beef from the hindquarters of the cow, and quite lean so it’s another great selection for health-conscious people.

Hunter & Barrel’s rump steak is made from premium Wagyu beef that is grain fed for 400 days. It also has a marble score of 6-7+ which means it has a high degree of marbling, enhancing the flavor of the meat. At 300g, it’s a great portion for one person and represents excellent value.

Flank Steak

This is another underrated cut of beef that will have you questioning why after trying it at Hunter & Barrel. It’s taken from the lower abdominal area of the cow and at 500g is in the ‘sharing’ category, but at the size that you might be able to devour it yourself if you’re hungry enough.

It’s a full blood wagyu with a marble score of 9+ which indicates exceptional marbling that produces a steak that is incredibly juicy and tender. It’s best cooked to anywhere from rare to medium, as cooking it for too long can rob it of some of the amazing flavor.


The fillet is lean but one of the most tender steak cuts, that comes from the lower middle of the back and forms part of the sirloin. The fillet muscle is so tender due to the fact that it does the least amount of work. It has minimal fat running through it, making it a healthier option compared to some other cuts, but don’t be fooled by its leaner profile, the fillet is still a steak fit for royalty.

Fillet steaks are generally cut thicker than others, at around 4cm each, and are best enjoyed cooked rare if that appeals to you. At Hunter & Barrel, you have three fantastic choices for fillet. The SA, grain fed for 120 days, as well as the Angus and Wagyu options, which are both grain fed for 400 days with a marble score of 4-5+. All fillets are 250g, making them the perfect portion size for one person.


I’ve saved the best cut of steak for last here, because if you’re looking for a steak to share, it’s hard to go past this one. At Hunter & Barrel, you have a couple of exquisite options for tomahawk steaks. The first is a decadent 1.3kg cut of Angus, grain fed for 250 days with a marble score of 2-4+. The second is the Tomahawk Mayura, a mouth-watering full blood Wagyu beast that weighs in at a preposterous 1.5kg and boasts a marble score of 8-9+. Both options are sure to impress and are perfect for sharing with friends or loved ones. While the tomahawk is one of the more expensive cuts of meat, it’s absolutely worth it.

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