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Posted: 12/08/2022
Hunter & Barrel Mirdif

After an incredible introduction to the UAE in 2021, Hunter & Barrel was in search of the perfect location to launch our third restaurant. Safe in the knowledge we were Dubai’s Best Steakhouse – not a self-proclaimed title, but one quickly bestowed on us by Time Out! – we scoured the Emirates for a community that would truly welcome the Hunter way. We found it in Mirdif. Here, Chef Kamil shares why Hunter & Barrel is now open in Mirdif Hills.

What made Mirdif stand out in the Hunter & Barrel UAE search?

Our main focus for the third UAE restaurant was to directly serve the residents of Dubai in
their own communities. This was our goal audience, more than the short-term tourists who visit the city. Mirdif, as an extensive and discerning residential area, stood out as a location where we hoped Hunter & Barrel could make its mark.

What can Hunter & Barrel offer Mirdif residents that they may have been missing?

We carried out a market study which told us that Mirdif was in need of a high-end
restaurant with a luxurious vibe, that served quality food and steaks at great value. Hunter & Barrel encompasses all these factors, but with the added benefit of having a homely feel.
Our guests feel comfortable and at ease while enjoying exceptional food – and this is what Mirdif was missing.

Who will enjoy dining at Hunter & Barrel Mirdif Hills?

Our chefs have crafted a menu which truly suits all tastes. We believe that there is something for everyone: the meat lovers, the gourmet foodies, the health conscious, the families with kids, the couples on dates, the groups of friends or acquaintances dining out for business or pleasure.

What should a first-time Hunter & Barrel diner order?

Start off with one of our delicious appetizers or salads, then select your preferred meat cut.
If you lean towards meat with fatty content, opt for the cuts with marbling, like rib eye or
rump steaks. If you like a leaner cut, our wide selection of fillets will hit the spot, and
perhaps leave extra room for our decadent desserts! No Hunter & Barrel experience is
complete without a barrel-aged craft cocktail, and wine aficionados will also be excited by our newly-launched Fine Wine List.

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